Mole Catcher Bury

Trevor Manning is an expert mole catcher Bury locals can count on. Take advantage of seven day availability that comes with “no mole, no fee” fixed rates, contract rates, or structures. In order to meet the requirements of everyone, we make it a point to be as flexible as possible. Additionally, we’re discreet, swift, and above all else, efficient.

Moles are carnivores that dwell underground. They prefer to consume insects over garden flora. Yet, their subterranean tunnels are able to spoil your lawn and garden. It will then become easy for other creatures to make their way to your plants. You could already have a major mole invasion on your hands. If you do, then this might be a bit concerning. You can usually find these animals in locations with soil that’s rich in organic matter.

Mole characteristics

If you’ve never encountered one before, then you need to know what they look like. These mammals are quite little in truth. Their bodies are shaped sort of like a potato. Their eyes are tiny as well, and they have pointed muzzles. When they’re on the move, they part the soil using their wide front flippers. The type of soil they favour the most is moist, loamy patches. They are mostly active during the evening or early morning. There’s also a chance that they could emerge following the end of a warm rain.

Another defining characteristic of moles is their hairless, pointed snouts. Fur conceals their compact ear canals and eyes, and they lack external ears entirely. They possess broad and large forefeet with webbed toes, while their hind feet are narrow in nature. Moles have slender claws too.

Moles don’t actually cause that much damage to the environment as a whole. In reality, they can get rid of the larvae of ruinous insects and naturally aerate soils. It’s only after they invade your gardens and lawns that they turn into an issue. It is at this point when you should consider working with us.

We stick to using humane catching techniques only. You will never find us employing gases or poisons to get the job done. The types of properties we cover include but aren’t limited to sports grounds, guest houses, hotels, stables, golf courses, and country houses.

If your business or home is currently at risk, please contact the best mole catcher Bury has using the number 07767 668 330. Alternatively, you can send an email to