Mole Catcher Manchester

There are all kinds of animals that can invade our properties and cause trouble. Moles are a great example. However, attempting to dispose of them yourself without the correct training is not wise. Instead, you should get in touch with a professional. Whenever they require a top calibre mole catcher Manchester residents know they can count on us.

For the most part, moles will stay underground, but signs of their damage and activity do pop up. If you want to get rid of them before they do any significant harm, then you need to catch the infestation in its initial stages. We can then take care of the problem before it escalates. For this to happen, you must know what the early signs are.


These are perhaps the most common early hint that there are moles tunnelling beneath your garden or lawn. They are compact piles of dirt that appear on your lawn’s surface. Each one tends to be a few inches high in most cases, but the size can vary. During their tunnelling efforts, moles have to dispose of the dirt, and the hills are how they accomplish this. When they start intruding on your property, you’ll probably be able to find some of these holes.

You should look out for their tunnels as well. Moles may burrow underground, but their tunnels still end up visible on the surface. They typically show up as raised areas along the run. Feeder tunnels are closer in proximity to the surface and are named so because moles use them to find insects. Normally, these runs don’t appear in a straight line. They twist around those sections of the lawn where moles hunt for food.

Plant damage could be another potential sign of a mole infestation. When burrowing, these creatures usually harm your plant life. As they dig, moles displace the dirt around roots and bulbs. Once they’re exposed, the roots dry up, which leads to the plant dying. The tunnels are able to displace or shift your plants, harming them. It’s possible for moles to eat bulbs or roots, but they prefer to consume worms and insects.

Help when you need it

If you find any signs of a mole infestation on your own property, you should contact us immediately. The head of the business is a member of the British Traditional Molecatchers Register and is Lantra trained. He has years of experience catching moles and is more than capable of providing solutions for each individual situation. As a result you have the best mole catcher Manchester has on your side.

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